Would you plant a seed in the cold of winter, or harvest in the midst of summer? This is the metaphor of ‘season’ of well-being, that when we think, act, and live ‘in season’ the outcome is very different than when we are ‘out of season.’ Even our best efforts, if out of season, will fail to bear fruit.

The season has an influence on individual and group activities, affecting everything from work to recreation, commerce to emotions, decisions to actions. Timing, or knowing what influences a season brings, are essential to a full life. Likewise, knowing which season or combination of seasons you are currently in will have a profound effect on your ability to make quality decisions.

Many times, we yearn to live in the season of Awaken, believing that this season will have more ease, joy, and abundance for us. Awaken brings with it many gifts, and the opportunity to share yourself more fully and authentically with the world. However, to truly live in the season of Awaken, it is necessary to fully experience and develop through the previous seasons of Discover and Transform.

The fourth season, the season of Integrate, is when we revisit a previous season while continuing to have the perspective of a later season. It allows us to have a greater depth through elements of more than one season at a time. We have the self-awareness and flexibility in this season to be able to consciously choose the combination and blending of Discover, Transform, and Awaken for optimal growth and contribution.

The Season of Discover

The season of Discover brings about awareness and information that is needed to be able to move forward in our lives. It is about finding out how we ‘do what we do’ and learning about what works for us and what does not.

If you find that there are things in your life that you want to get rid of, avoid, decrease, have less of, or eradicate, this is the season of Discover. It’s a moving away from season, where we see the things that aren’t working, and the solution seems to be to get rid of those problems, relationships, challenges, or issues. We will focus on what we don’t have, or what has been withheld from us. At times, we may feel that things are never going to improve, feel helpless, out of resources, and alone. We may use statements like, ‘please make this stop’ or ‘nothing seems to work.’

The experience of suffering can cause us to want to push our feelings and thoughts away, to not have to feel powerless and vulnerable. Prolonged suffering will result in a ‘checking out’ from our bodies, and living through our minds – the concepts and ideas about what has happened or what we feel should have happened.

Suffering can lead to attachment to people, ideas, causes, and situations, as though the external circumstances are the cause of our internal experience. We search for solutions and answers outside of us, and miss out on the wisdom of our bodies, internal cues, intuition, and feelings.

As we move through the season of Discover, we may reach a point when we recognize that someone or something is holding us back, and that a pattern seems to repeat in our lives. Frustration with others and then ourselves is a signal that we are beginning to feel stuck in a perspective. We may hear ourselves say, ‘Why do I keep doing this?’ or ‘Why can’t I get through this?’ The experience and acknowledgement of our patterns and stuckness is the stage that brings about the next season – the season of Transform.

The Season of Transform

The season of Transform is one of action. The focus is on creating a better future through decisions and forward movement. It is a season of empowerment, where we actively use our inner resources, strength, power, and congruent behaviour. The result?  Completion and resolution of the distractions and limitations that were previously holding you back, depleting your energy, and causing you to remain stuck. When we are authentically in the season of Transform, we move with conscious action, self-assurance, and courage, finding a way to reach or exceed our targets.

Our attention in the season of Transform is on solutions, opportunities, progress, and breakthroughs. We are able to use pain as a way to gain fuel, take stock of what is really going on, and catapult to the next level.

In contrast to the season of Discover, the concept of a problem does not exist. We have made a decision, and the energy of the season of Transform is that now we go about making that decision right – no longer wondering what to do, if we should do it, or whether we will succeed.

The Season of Awaken

The season of Awaken is a place of greater responsibility, a commitment to sharing our unique gifts, and being the best for the world.  Having come through the season of Discover, where we learn how we ‘do’ ourselves and our lives, and the season of Transform, where we have transformed and resolved our rules, beliefs, and limitations, the season of Awaken involves the experience of the space around and within us.  We remember our core nature and are able to honour people in a new way.

The season of Awaken is one of inspired action, where we focus on the connection between all things, and everything we experience is known to be a gift or blessing.  Our focus is beyond our basic needs as an individual, now centered on the needs of the spirit for growth and contribution.