At Radiant Health Studio, Network Care is used as a model for healing, self-awareness, and growth.

Network Care is comprised of two healing modalities: Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI).

NetworkSpinal Care

The Network approach can be very effective in helping people with their health challenges, and many people choose Network Care for this reason. Other people, knowing that wellness is not simply the absence of symptoms or disease, will choose Network Care to enhance their internal experience, self-awareness, ability to make constructive, healthy choices, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Somato Respiratory Integration

Somato (Body) Respiratory (Breath) Integration is a technique used to facilitate greater connection, deeper body awareness, and richer access to your inner resources. Using specific exercises with touch, breath, energy, movement, and focus, we become familiar with a number of different stages of healing. Based on 12 unique states of consciousness, the Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) exercises familiarize us with the 12 Stages of Healing. Each stage of healing has a unique rhythm, internal dialogue, and state of awareness. The stages will unfold and deepen each time we experience them, and will overlap and cycle through us over time.

This technique can be learned by anyone, and used at anytime. They are self-care exercises that can be used in times of crisis or stress, illness or grief, emotional overload or confusion, and at times when we feel that we have no way out. The exercises can also become a method to get to know yourself more fully, in an honouring, attentive way. We may uncover aspects of the bodymind that were before unknown or hidden to us, and learn to be more real with our feelings and thoughts. As we find more of our peace, expansion, tension, and energy, we begin to have greater access to our resources and our resourcefulness.

The more we develop and experience the stages of healing through the SRI exercises, the more they will be available to support us through times of stress, overwhelm, and transition.

Getting Started at Home

You can begin right now.  Whether you are having a current health challenge, experiencing symptoms that concern you, or simply wish to begin the healing and awareness process, you can use your touch, focus, and breath right away.  We suggest you begin by reading through the instructions to Mapping the Body and then do the exercise.

Another starting point is to get the book The 12 Stages of Healing by Dr. Donald Epstein.  We stock a number of copies that can be purchased or borrowed, or you can order a copy online:

What the Experts Say

Anthony Robbins

“Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration are amongst the most powerful sources of personal transformation I have ever experienced or seen. They produce embodied and empowered strategies that are both sustainable and enjoyable for enhanced human resourcefulness and wellness. I am stronger, more inspired, creative, and healthy because of this work. It has personally and professionally helped me to maximize my ability to contribute to others.”

– Anthony Robbins
Peak Performance Coach
Author of Unlimited Power

Candace Pert

“Network Spinal Analysis represents the epitome of “body” work in our time; the leading edge of Body-Mind-Spirit integration. This work will transform the planet.”

Candace Pert, Ph.D.
Professor of Research Georgetown University
Author of Molecules of Emotion