Why the Spine?

Why does Network Spinal Analysis work with the spine?  Why do chiropractors work with the spine?  Answering these questions will open up many doors to better understanding.

The spine - including the spinal cord and surrounding structures of bones, ligaments, and muscles - is the link between the brain and body.  The spinal cord is the information super-highway, with messages traveling to and from the brain and body.

Working with the spine is efficient, because improvements in spinal structure and behaviour reflects in all body processes, increases self-awareness, and develops new abilities for the body to become self-reliant.

The 5 Gifts of the Spine

The 5 gifts of the spine are:  function, emotion, sense of self, behaviour, and consciousness.


Function - Self-healing, muscle contraction, organ function, hormone balance

Emotion - The ability to express a full range of emotions, to access emotion to create change

Sense of Self - Feeling confident, what it means to 'be yourself'

Behaviour - Negative habits such as smoking or alcohol, daily routines and rituals

Consciousness - Being self-aware, being present, living joyfully


To listen to a segment of Dr. Donald Epstein's talk on the 5 gifts of the spine, click here.