Outer Beauty Begins With Inner Connection

by Donald Epstein, D.C.

When people are speaking passionately and are in a creative "zone" or a state of well being, they may appear more beautiful and vibrant, perhaps even glowing.  It makes sense that those individuals who are the most productive, creative, adaptable, and vibrant should be the most attractive to others of the species.  This attractiveness draws people into relationships with one another, often resulting in sexual union and increasing the possibility of adding their unique gifts to the next generation's gene pool.

When the "shoulds" of our culture - the stories that others have for who we need to be and how we must act - become the main determinants of our life, we have already compromised our inner connection and beauty.


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What's new with Radiant Health Studio?  Office Expansion!  After 6 years in Ottawa and over 5 in our current location, it is still a celebration to be in Ottawa in a community that we love.  We recently expanded our office location to include more space, right here at 111 Sherwood Drive, just off Carling near Dow's Lake (second floor).  With 17 years of experience, Dr. Angela Smith continues to deliver trusted, high-quality, transformative care.  We hope you enjoy this website, and invite you to come to the Studio to see us in our joyful space!

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