Getting Started at Home

You can begin right now.  Whether you are having a current health challenge, experiencing symptoms that concern you, or simply wish to begin the healing and awareness process, you can use your touch, focus, and breath right away.  We suggest you begin by reading through the instructions to Mapping the Body and then do the exercise.

Another starting point is to get the book The 12 Stages of Healing by Dr. Donald Epstein.  We stock a number of copies that can be purchased or borrowed, or you can order a copy online:

Mapping the Body

Mapping the body is a way to become more familiar with your self – the sensations, feelings, experience, peace, ease, tension, tightness, comfort, and distress that may reside in you in certain locations.

This is a discovery exercise, a way to explore with your conscious focused awareness.

You may choose to explore a certain area during one session, and another at another time. Or, you may explore multiple areas and sensations in many areas. How and when you do it is fully up to you.

Begin by placing your hands one over the other, with the palms overlapping. Bring your hands to an area on the