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What is Network Spinal Analysis? An Interview with Dr. Donald Epstein

By Jenny Thomas

A growing healing technique known as Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is changing people’s lives and health in remarkable ways. This modality, which evolved from the practice and studies of Dr. Donald Epstein, integrates chiropractic technique into a larger whole heath matrix that focuses on optimal wellness rather than just the elimination of symptomatic pain.  The following is an edited excerpt from an interview with Dr. Epstein.

From time to time, an advanced procedure or protocol will arise from an already existing, long established technique.  Network Spinal Analysis could be described in this way.  Arising as it did in 1982, New York Chiropractor, Dr. Donald Epstein began “networking” various chiropractic techniques. Through careful observation and by comparing the findings and results of one method with another, he began to see the efficacy of combining certain techniques in a manner which enables the practitioner, through the use of light touch to release large amounts of spinal tension from a patient.

This unique approach to health, a synthesis of long standing chiropractic methods, quantum mechanics, neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, acknowledges changing perspectives in health care.  In Dr. Epstein’s