How Does it Work?


So many times, people will ask, 'How does it work?' or 'How can such a light touch make such a difference?'  when wondering about Network Spinal Analysis (NSA).   With Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI), the question that may come up is 'How can my focused attention, with breath, touch, and movement help me to heal?'


Both NSA and SRI work with the natural ability of the body to heal, regenerate, and renew.  NSA uses a series of gentle touches at specific access points (Spinal Gateways) to cue the frontal cortex, increasing body self-awareness.  The natural effect is that the body can make spontaneous self-adjustments that enhance healing, from the input at the Spinal Gateways.  The SRI exercises bring attention and acknowledgment to specific areas of your body, typically along the front, that help you to connect with the unique rhythms of healing and life, and enhance feelings of peace and trust.

The body learns as care progresses, beginning with finding and releasing tension, unwinding spinal stress, and automatically repositioning itself.  Then, using tension and fuel as a resource and a way to propel forward, the next level of care brings about the opportunity to fully resolve all that previously held us back.  And beyond this, there is a new certainty and purpose to life, as we bring our unique gifts to the world.  These are the 'Seasons' of Well-Being:  Discover, Transform, and Awaken.