The Season of Transform

The season of Transform is one of action. The focus is on creating a better future through decisions and forward movement. It is a season of empowerment, where we actively use our inner resources, strength, power, and congruent behaviour. The result?  Completion and resolution of the distractions and limitations that were previously holding you back, depleting your energy, and causing you to remain stuck. When we are authentically in the season of Transform, we move with conscious action, self-assurance, and courage, finding a way to reach or exceed our targets.

Our attention in the season of Transform is on solutions, opportunities, progress, and breakthroughs. We are able to use pain as a way to gain fuel, take stock of what is really going on, and catapult to the next level.

In contrast to the season of Discover, the concept of a problem does not exist. We have made a decision, and the energy of the season of Transform is that now we go about making that decision right – no longer wondering what to do, if we should do it, or whether we will succeed.