The Season of Discover

The season of Discover brings about awareness and information that is needed to be able to move forward in our lives.  It is about finding out how we ‘do what we do’ and learning about what works for us and what does not.

If you find that there are things in your life that you want to get rid of, avoid, decrease, have less of, or eradicate, this is the season of Discover.  It's a moving away from season, where we see the things that aren’t working, and the solution seems to be to get rid of those problems, relationships, challenges, or issues.  We will focus on what we don’t have, or what has been withheld from us. At times, we may feel that things are never going to improve, feel helpless, out of resources, and alone.  We may use statements like, ‘please make this stop’ or ‘nothing seems to work.’

The experience of suffering can cause us to want to push our feelings and thoughts away, to not have to feel powerless and vulnerable.  Prolonged suffering will result in a ‘checking out’ from our bodies, and living through our minds – the concepts and ideas about what has happened or what we feel should have happened.

Suffering can lead to attachment to people, ideas, causes, and situations, as though the external circumstances are the cause of our internal experience.  We search for solutions and answers outside of us, and miss out on the wisdom of our bodies, internal cues, intuition, and feelings.

As we move through the season of Discover, we may reach a point when we recognize that someone or something is holding us back, and that a pattern seems to repeat in our lives.  Frustration with others and then ourselves is a signal that we are beginning to feel stuck in a perspective.  We may hear ourselves say, ‘Why do I keep doing this?’ or ‘Why can’t I get through this?'  The experience and acknowledgement of our patterns and stuckness is the stage that brings about the next season – the season of Transform.