Improve Your Athletic Performance With NSA

from an article by Dr. Thorin Gault, DC (Cornwall, Ontario)


NSA uniquely provides many benefits that can greatly enhance performance in virtually any sport in ways that will not only increase enjoyment, but impart a competitive advantage as well.  Faster, stronger, and more efficient.


Professional Athletes

Several NHL and NBA stars have used NSA to improve performance.  Bill Romanowski, who won 4 Super Bowls, was featured in Today’s Chiropractic magazine for his enthusiastic participation with Network Care from Dr. Danny Knowles (son of NSA founder Donny Epstein).


Light Touch, Big Results

So, how does a system using such gentle touches make such a difference in athletics?  There are 5 main ways NSA accomplishes this:


1. Increased Body Awareness. Somatic awareness is the foundation of all NSA care and is even more crucial for athletes.  Knowing precisely where all parts of the body are, how they are moving, and where there is tension is essential to performing any event at a high level.

2. Increased Flexibility and Range of Movement. When stress and tension are locked in the body the muscles become tight and restrict the movement of the joints.  As this tension is released with NSA care, the athlete

becomes more flexible not only through the large muscles, but actually is able to increase their range of motion in the small muscles that precisely move each joint.  This range and precision could be the difference between victory and defeat.

3. Increase Efficiency of Movement. The best athletes are the most efficient athletes.  A study featured on the cover of the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, compared functional MRIs of subjects performing a simple movement before and after an NSA Spinal Entrainment.  The result was that after the entrainment the parts of the brain involved became much more specific and precise, indicating much greater efficiency.  This study also indicated that the brain was more efficient post Spinal Entrainment, which has phenomenal implications for both sports and other areas of life.

4. Injury Prevention. Nothing can impede athletic progress more than injuries.  Obviously, if you are more aware of your body, more flexible, have a greater ROM, and are more efficient with your movements, a great number of potential injuries will be prevented.

5. Faster Healing and Recovery. When the body stuck in a state of defense from physical trauma, emotional stress, or environmental toxins, all of our resources are directed towards survival.  This means fewer resources are available for healing, repair, recovery and growth.  NSA helps you to learn to release this defense response.

Sports, at their best, give us an arena to improve skills that are applicable to our lives in general.  In working with athletes,   I know that as I am helping them to improve their performance in sports, I am equally helping them to improve their performance in life, both now and in the future.